Continuous validation

validate your business goals


There is a lot of focus on software craftsmanship and automation. We can build and deploy software very quickly with current technologies. However, itís the post-deployment stage that worries us. How can we be sure that this new functionality has the impact the business needs?


With Gareth the product owner describes the goal that should be achieved: the experiment. By setting a baseline (getting the current situation), an assumption (the desired future situation) and a time within which the goal should reached we have all the information needed to validate the goal.


Gareth will run these validations as often as described in the assumptions and take the appropriate action. It is a great way for a product owner to be sure the right things are being built and kept that way. This is what we want to communicate to our stakeholders.

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Which steps to take

Decide the impact you want to make

Make impact maps, story maps, write features, stories and most importantly: make a lot of assumptions. What effect do you think this feature will have?

Develop, test and deploy you product

Just build the best software the world has seen untill now. Just build it and ship it. The world is waiting for it!

Validate on production

Are the assumptions you made valid? Does the product make the desired impact? No need to worry. Gareth will let you know!

Get Gareth. Get feedback.

Gareth is all about feedback. Gareth will alert you when an assumption is not right or is not right anymore due to a change in the software. These are the things we can really benefit from. We are now able to decide to adjust the feature or maybe completely remove it based on evidence. There is no shame in removing features that do not give the results you where expecting.