Backlog validation

Garbage in - garbage out! This decades old statement still remains prevalent in today’s agile way of working. It is crucial to create and maintain an overview of the quality of input. By measuring and reporting over the quality companies can finally control their requirement processes.

Business goal validation

We know the world changes and, in order to be competetive, so must your software. That’s why we invented continuous validation. It’s vital to know that your goals are still achieved after changing parts of the software. Sometimes one feature makes another unneeded. If so, with continuous validation you'll know.

Get Gareth. Get feedback.

Gareth is all about feedback. Are the assumptions you made valid? Are all the backlogs in order? Does the product make the desired impact? No need to worry. Gareth will let you know! Gareth measures both the input and the outcomes of your products and reports these. These are the things we can really benefit from.

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